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Bat Mimic Wil absorbe and become a player clone

Company of Darkness Undeath armys of at least 100 strong!

Dragonite Powerful Metal a special godforge needed to forge the stuff.

Goblin Dragoon are an elite goblin fighting unit that serve Lord Bane and are very hard and fast hitting.

Giant Undead come from the plane of the dead but who are they commanded from Loki?

Rune stones come in very different forms the stones them self or sometimes in the form of rings. But these runes have strange powers like the power to shape shift. These powers are needed to be learned or mastered.

Some powers know for the dragons marked.

Shape shift into Dragonborn. Shape shift into a small mouse.

Strange protection from death. 

A working Dwarven Battle Keep.

Common knowledge between members, able to talk to each other through mental thought along as on the same plane of existence. Some rings grant unique powers to individuals.


Main Page

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