The Great Dragon War

As the world spins


Well the party got the keep moved from the top of mount Dragon's Roost and set down next to the great Tree. The internal security systems are online and control restored still infested with all kinds of problems. They have set off into the Dark Earth to recover the strange Hoop Mage. Once they made it to the other side of the portal it closed leaving them with no quick way back. So the explored a strange structure and cleaned house on the lower level and meet bane who jumped threw a strange portal. The party followed and ended up in a strange station. After discovering some strange tech like the elemental bracers and a strange glowing orb. The meet the race know as klicks mostly inscetoid with cyberenhancments. They asked the party to remove the goblin infestation. Upon exploring the party discovers that the goblins are make a battle keep of their own.  The Hoop Mage agreed to help them out if they deal with the goblin battle keep "Bane's Blade of Light". The party might destroy, or even if they have the right stuff Steal it from them. Things noted about the keep it has better weapons but look like they are longer ranged but much weaker then the Dwarven Keep's weapons.

The Hoop Mage also knows how to train on the use and construction of such weapons. This will be needed to get the new cannons online for the Dwarven Keep. If the party can get the Goblin keep it can be used to upgrade the Dwarven Keep in many ways depending on the party's chose.

But the party has discover a new way to deal with problems a side effect of the Dark Earth party members can swap out nearly as needed. Will this power continue to work once they leave the strange Klicks base or even Dark Earth. They party has started to notice as they remain there they are feeling strange side effects. Not sure if it is from the strange realm they are in and what it will do to them!!!

One thing to note is the party's magic starting to fail or is these new one's forming.

Deeper into the Keep

Well the party continues into the keep trying to make it to the forge. Along the way they discover some details. The keep is keeping itself up by using the power over death with keeping some of the former keepers around by the undeath. The keep has no Helm to get it up and flying. The demon prince orcus has some interest in the keep. There has been vampires involed also drow vampires. So it will be a very hard fight to clean the keep out and take control.

The next level is the engenering level right below the comand deck. If they can get the internal defenses online the keep can rid itself of the intruders. On the command deck is also a teleport circle once that level is secure the rest of the keep can be sealed and dealt with as needed.

To the top


Well the journey now has been set to getting to the Dwarves Battle keep. Party members Einar, Hildor, Oi, and Bane. Start to the path to use the barge of the dead has failed. But chance has come up with a new route a old smugglers cave into the Dragons Roost Mountain has been discovered. the former owners a strange lot an old dwarves druid and old forest orc that had a hired an new requirt Dragon's Wall Guard as some extra muscle that was told for their cover story but they had spiked his mead in the local tavern the "Drop Inn" to get him to join their little cover story. Well with the party being involved they discovered that these persons where going to ambush them later on so things where handled. And the Dragon's Wall requite join the team for a small share of the profits still under the strange drug that was given to him went away from his post and join the party.

Well the journey to the mount went a little astray the teleport was off by a few miles and the rest was a walk to the tunnel. But during the walk they discovered a cave lair Bane at the parties request disabled the trap guarding the entrance. so the party went inside and discovered it to the home of a Dwarves were bear. But when all was said and done the party decided not to attack and talk to him to discover that the person inside was just minding his home and they just left. But the were bear said they will meet again!  So they made it to the tunnel without the loss of life or limb for once.

At the tunnel they discovered an old dwarven pillar stating this was to heaven's and hell's door. After entering the tunnel the wall closes behind them trapping them to going through the dungeon! so some ways in they discover the path is trapped so they are on the defensive.  One of the first rooms was empty.  The second was guarded but a nasty pit/trap. The new member to the group a powerful monk OI jumped it with easy and even had time to do some fancy air flips! disables the trap the goes right into the room.  Only to discover some undead on the other side of the door. Things to note from the battle was there was an Cleric of Orcus looking around and or looting but quickly used the teleporter in the room. And  a very polite Vampire who quickly used the porter too. The party found a very powerful scroll of teleport "Stuff" ;). In the room the discovered very well stuffed book case of powerful tombs and the such. A well stocked wine and beer rack !! The strange animated scull table that once was in the service to the old mage king of Drop Inn teleported back to him. Bane claimed a old death shroud from the vampire coffin. The part also discovered in and chest 3, +2 Enhancement gems with 900 gp. Bane runs over to something shiny and gets teleported off.

Well after dealing with the dungeon's cleaner a jelly of sorts they find Bane eating "Something on the floor again". They think it is the way to the gateway.  After getting past the traps the party enters the room with one handle pulled the portal changes to red two pulls it changes to blue. So the party decides to walk through the blue portal. With one loss the poor Dragons Wall Paladin was lost to a very nasty trap that sliced him in two.  Where will the party teleport to Heaven or Hell ? Now that they have lost their healer what will that do to them? Will Bane ever get full?

 The Battle group Dragon's Marked has as a whole shared experience Leveled to a"<u> fourth level group</u>"

The Trial


The party returned from their personal  journeys to continue the great war saga. Einar and his band are at the local tavern and come upon some fellow marked members the sly Morthos the thief and the strong dragon hearted Alek the paladin of Bahamut.  They meet the Old Inn keeper and had some good drinking and heard some of the local history of the area and about one of the items n the position of Einar that it is a Horn of Calling. The horns owner has many horns but this one was one of the favored ones and is "looking for it." The next day come the trials both with sore heads and the actual trial. They did battle with some undead and even dealt with an Lodi they where some tough battles but they survived and won the trials.

Well during the course of the day they discovered that the old keep on the hill has some kind of connection to the plane of the dead!  The one they thought that was Vegtam was the evil joker god himself Loki.  During the trials they came upon an Valkyrie living statue that was called to the battlefield during the course of conversation she came to see about this Vegtam that was supposed to be here in Midgurd. She told them that in fact that Vegtam was resting after having to heal a fallen hero in his great hall. She then "borrowed" the great horn to call Odin's aspect to the site. once was all said and done they discovered it was a very sick ruse on Loki's part. the old town of Dragon's Roost was all but destroyed and occupied by the living undead and dragoons everywhere. This goes to show that the evil involved in this war goes to no ends.


Odin gave the lordship to the battle group Dragon's Marked to restore order to the town and local areas with the town somewhat restored the local towns folk are coming out of hiding and setting up shop again. "The old keep still stands at least the last tower for now".  The Valkyrie Brynhilda has be asked to help the battle group and will be found in and around the town she now lives in the" old guard tower" in the middle of town. So very important things did come from this Odin did keep this battle group to keep up the great war and granted them with one of the "Draupnir Rings" his master ring makes. They know it can help them with speaking, dealing with otherworldly magic's, and granted them some kind of powerful feat or power.  What this power is no one but Odin knows and has not reviled it yet!

The trails where completed with some interruption In the form of a small black dragon landing in the middle of the trials. This little one now has an interest in the group and will continue to check up on them!  But something did come from all this the new  battle group The Dragon's Marked!!

The local Inn has a very special keeper interest in the area as at one time he was the mage king of these lands. There have been some troubles from the local hoop tribes in the area as well a strange flying ship has been discovered in the area as well. The town has a basic forge up and running. A mages tower formed over night and seems to be open for business. Some basic guilds are setting up shop to represent their interests in the area including the rumored shadows guild. Odin's worshipers are rebuilding the long house in his name. and more are heard to be coming to the rebuild town of Dragon's Roost.


So what shall become of the party will the helpless little monsters with very sharp teeth get their deserved meals finally we shall see.

The keeper of Battle



After settling in from the long journey to Dragon's Roost the party took an break to get their things in order. During this time Einar got word of trouble in his homeland Neidmar and returned to handle the problems in the old keep. Leif and Oona joined him on the trip to help with the problems. While Xexor returned to her mountain homelands to deal with an new strange tribe on their clans land. They call their self's the Hoops. They claimed they come from a faraway place Xexor discovered them in an old abandoned Dwarves ruined battle keep from the old empire. In the keep is a strange Portal or gateway that opens at unknown times or for unknown reasons.

When the party made it to an house sometimes use by travelers in Neidmar they were resting up for the final leg on to the old keep. A strange goblin walks right in on the resting party to their surprise and intrudes himself as Bane. When all is said and done it turns out that this goblin is an assassin as well as undead! Now the party has an new member to help with the grand campaign. So they travel to the old keep to see about things.

Well at the old keep in Neidmar the party had a long battle with more Goblin Dragoons and two very unhappy Bugbears that the Dragoons had planned to have for a meal or six. It all took place inside the old stables which were about to fall down due to extreme old age when the battle ensued fiery magic was used by both sides and the place burned down along with any more evidence of what might be at the root of all there strange troubles. Then after the battle a strange little lizard like creature was running from a pack of Goblins out to have a easy meal. The party catches him and finds out it is the same one spotted in Dragon's Roost.  before all is said in done Bane heals it and it changes into its full grown kind a Draconian of some kind that can even fly it states the keeper of the horn is it master and refers to Einar who found a strange horn in Dragon's Roost. But before they can get to much information it flies off and says it will be back.

Still at the keep or what is left of it the last remaining tower standing is surrounded by some kind of black magic that no one can get near it at the moment. Along with some gold some strange gems where discovered it turns out to be rare Enhancement Gems. These gems can be used with the right processes and time to enhance armor and weapons with better magic's.


The great keeper of battle

The Great Meeting

The party made it to the northern town of Dragon's Roost. After a "short" stop at the Dead Beak Inn for some good mead and some getting to know the friendly locals, they discovered that the town is mostly destroyed…overran with Goblin Dragoons. They also spotted a Giant Undead—which made for a very strange twist. The party checked out the small room behind the Old Claw's Inn, and the town well only to find out that one of the friendly locals who joined with them was a shape shifted Grand Norse Dragon!!! who rules these northern lands in the shape of a human king named Vegtan. He had sought them out for a strange yet soon to be discovered reason. The party found shelter that night in an abandoned, fortified building. While they slept, strange things happened. While in magicslumber, The Warmaster enhanced their equipment in order to make them into the new company: The Dragon's Marked!


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