The Great Dragon War

Welcome to Kansas


Well after the party realized they had been under a charm spell from a necromancer. They party was stripped of their equipment and was chained. With lots of luck and a little wreaking the chain lock spell was busted the party overwhelmed the necromancer and disposed of him and continued on to recover their equipment and was forced to leave the Dark Earth and retunded to the Realms threw a strange portal. They then decided to check out the old Dark Masters Tower again upon a deadly battle with some of his constructs and finally killing one of his balrog necromancers  the underboss left threw a trap door leading in to the lower caves. The party uncovers a stash of enhancement gems 2 each per member +! base gems. They have capture a Iron Cobra also the party is modding it with the ability to fly with wings. The way back up through the tunnel was sealed up to make the party continue along the underdark cave system and found a blockade that was destroyed and discovered a battle between a dwarven enclave and the White Rabbit who called upon the party as allies to help destroy the party but in the confusion of the battle one escaped and sounded the alert to the rest of the enclave and they took little time to retreat to a better defended position to deal with these "Deep Dwarves". The battle keep taken in dark earth has been started the process of combining with the Old Keep that will bring it online fully purged and restored to proper battle mode complete with a strange mix of crew constructs and the lichen Storm Rider Clan. The white rabbit has his minions hard at work on training the crew on how to use and maintain the weapons as well as construct new and more as needed. The Glider Craft are being installed to the party will sone have a mobile base that can be hidden from scrying and will be there new base to start to strike out from. The keep can resupply the party, has full guild support , and all things that was available from Dragons Roost is available too. The party has noted that there modern weapons do not seem to function in the realms the ones using the elemental powder seem to work. but with practice they can be used with some speed and have to hitting power on par with some of the realms weapons. But these strange Dark Earth weapons will be stored until the secrets to have them function is understood.



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