The Great Dragon War

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Well the journey now has been set to getting to the Dwarves Battle keep. Party members Einar, Hildor, Oi, and Bane. Start to the path to use the barge of the dead has failed. But chance has come up with a new route a old smugglers cave into the Dragons Roost Mountain has been discovered. the former owners a strange lot an old dwarves druid and old forest orc that had a hired an new requirt Dragon's Wall Guard as some extra muscle that was told for their cover story but they had spiked his mead in the local tavern the "Drop Inn" to get him to join their little cover story. Well with the party being involved they discovered that these persons where going to ambush them later on so things where handled. And the Dragon's Wall requite join the team for a small share of the profits still under the strange drug that was given to him went away from his post and join the party.

Well the journey to the mount went a little astray the teleport was off by a few miles and the rest was a walk to the tunnel. But during the walk they discovered a cave lair Bane at the parties request disabled the trap guarding the entrance. so the party went inside and discovered it to the home of a Dwarves were bear. But when all was said and done the party decided not to attack and talk to him to discover that the person inside was just minding his home and they just left. But the were bear said they will meet again!  So they made it to the tunnel without the loss of life or limb for once.

At the tunnel they discovered an old dwarven pillar stating this was to heaven's and hell's door. After entering the tunnel the wall closes behind them trapping them to going through the dungeon! so some ways in they discover the path is trapped so they are on the defensive.  One of the first rooms was empty.  The second was guarded but a nasty pit/trap. The new member to the group a powerful monk OI jumped it with easy and even had time to do some fancy air flips! disables the trap the goes right into the room.  Only to discover some undead on the other side of the door. Things to note from the battle was there was an Cleric of Orcus looking around and or looting but quickly used the teleporter in the room. And  a very polite Vampire who quickly used the porter too. The party found a very powerful scroll of teleport "Stuff" ;). In the room the discovered very well stuffed book case of powerful tombs and the such. A well stocked wine and beer rack !! The strange animated scull table that once was in the service to the old mage king of Drop Inn teleported back to him. Bane claimed a old death shroud from the vampire coffin. The part also discovered in and chest 3, +2 Enhancement gems with 900 gp. Bane runs over to something shiny and gets teleported off.

Well after dealing with the dungeon's cleaner a jelly of sorts they find Bane eating "Something on the floor again". They think it is the way to the gateway.  After getting past the traps the party enters the room with one handle pulled the portal changes to red two pulls it changes to blue. So the party decides to walk through the blue portal. With one loss the poor Dragons Wall Paladin was lost to a very nasty trap that sliced him in two.  Where will the party teleport to Heaven or Hell ? Now that they have lost their healer what will that do to them? Will Bane ever get full?

 The Battle group Dragon's Marked has as a whole shared experience Leveled to a"<u> fourth level group</u>"



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