The Great Dragon War

three way


Well the party made their way down into the tunnels underdark more after some minor battles they ended up at a tree way to go straight into another subsurface forest, or to an strange crystal cavern, or to a swampy cavern with a strange tower they choose the tower as they flew to the top they were attacked by bat mimics and killed just about the whole lot but one did attack and joined up and ending up cloning a party member and made an escape! Well then they made it to the top and found Bane and one of the Thirteen Vampire lords talking some plans. It was decided to sneak up and start a teleport block and destroy them but a miss attack destroyed  the spell and bane teleported out and the vampire lord was stuck and with lots and lots and lots of damage was taken out a Major Blow! But now they have to escape the caves what will be waiting for them outside and below on the ground. Will the party check out any other areas here or go back.



three way

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