The Great Dragon War

The Civil Tribes


Well the party discovered a huge vein of dragonite in the strange swamp cave tower and have sent a sample of the raw metal to be refined and is able to enhance metal made items very much so but the martial is very hard to refine and use.  The company of darkness has made an appearance after their lord was taken out. This is some of the very root members of the Overlords' primal forces have not been spotted before until this run. Now the Dragon's Marked has been put on the hit list of the Overlord Hoards!! The party was able to activate a Blacken Holy Acid trap and killed the one hundred strong skeleton strong companies in one fell swoop!!!

They made their way out only to be attacked by some more bat mimics but they were quickly dispatched and they marked the area for more mining in the future. After making it to the cross roads again the discovered traps set by the goblins trying to cause troubles for the party but they shape shifted into mice and said whatever and made it to the crystal caves. After disarming a very nasty trap they when into a side cave and discovered UG and MUG trying to destroy a set of strange floating crystals. Young Mr. Johnny talked to them in orkish and convinced them they where allies and found out some strange things going on that their queen was a vampire and had protected them for as  long as they could remember. They had smashed a shard mind and were trying to steal some Enh gems. Well it was not long until the party took out the two numb skulls' and helped out Lady Firestone. She helped out them when a battle took out between dragoons and the Civilized Humanoids took place. After learning about the great dragon shard she joined up on the Dragon's marked side! "More to come on this for sure this is a big point to expand upon but you have to read and tell me about this!"

Then the party checked out the battle seen and discovered a strange Maji Ogre they took mercy upon the beast and healed HIM/HER Maji told them about the Gems and the Co Members at the scene got Four gems each from that cave!! Well the party meet with a huge battle party from the Civil Tribes and when back to meet the Queen. Upon seeing the queen on party member was in lust/love with her, another saw something strange at first then saw the best looking Dwarven Females they ever laid their eyes upon, but the last party members had to fight the urge to bring up their lunch!! Before them was one of the oldest looking phase spider they very seen? And upon its neck was a strange pendent that has charm powers and she was using it to control the Civil Tribes. After a lot of hook and crook the pendent was dissolved by nanites "sneaky dwarves!" and a commune with Bahamut! The party freed the Tribes of her but they had to free bane how was going to be feed to her.  He helped them out in destroying the spider but he killed some nonparty members before he teleported away. After the webs settled the Civil Tribes asked the party to help them with her two other sisters that live at the other ends of the caverns. They are from a strange land where in the early days when the primordial's where at war Bahamut envoy help save this tribe and educated them and has made this on par with the tribes of the Civilized Realms.

But the party now has in their position another artifact!! Possibly another powerful ally in the Great War. A new member on the keep The Lady Firestone. The Powerful Dragonite!!! The stuff that Artifacts are made from! To properly be used a god forge will be needed and deep in these caves are rumored to be one guarded be a powerful dracoid!



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