The Great Dragon War

Hello there we come to say HI


Ok been a while since an update. The extra party members where a plant from bane and have been removed. The party has went deeper into the under dark  dealt with an necromancer in a strange fungous forest that was corrupting the area. The party attached the wizard who escaped threw a teleportation circle . After the Myconid attacked the party thinking they were the ones corrupting them. The party was getting over whelmed then Oi discovered to destroy the Hive Plants. After a very long battle they destroyed the fungus and cleared the area. After they interacted with the strange door in the hallway. After finding its name password lead to a sub plane with a Bane the Goblin Demon Price there! they left just before he discovered them at the open portal! A blast of fire blew threw and scorched the nearby cave. The door reappeared and they went back to reinter act with it and boom it blasted the whole party!! TPK Now they are in some strange demi plane onboard a strange ship for the dead and dammed. With another one on the event horizon in chase. Will they fight them, run for it, stop to say "Hello we come in peace"? They know the location of a strange Island where a Draco Lich come from will they make for port there? Only time will tell how can they return from the land of the undead .


One thing to note they were not snuffed out of existence why?

The main boss they are going to deal with is a Demon!

Is there a connection with the necromancer and this strange plane?



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