The Great Dragon War

As the world spins


Well the party got the keep moved from the top of mount Dragon's Roost and set down next to the great Tree. The internal security systems are online and control restored still infested with all kinds of problems. They have set off into the Dark Earth to recover the strange Hoop Mage. Once they made it to the other side of the portal it closed leaving them with no quick way back. So the explored a strange structure and cleaned house on the lower level and meet bane who jumped threw a strange portal. The party followed and ended up in a strange station. After discovering some strange tech like the elemental bracers and a strange glowing orb. The meet the race know as klicks mostly inscetoid with cyberenhancments. They asked the party to remove the goblin infestation. Upon exploring the party discovers that the goblins are make a battle keep of their own.  The Hoop Mage agreed to help them out if they deal with the goblin battle keep "Bane's Blade of Light". The party might destroy, or even if they have the right stuff Steal it from them. Things noted about the keep it has better weapons but look like they are longer ranged but much weaker then the Dwarven Keep's weapons.

The Hoop Mage also knows how to train on the use and construction of such weapons. This will be needed to get the new cannons online for the Dwarven Keep. If the party can get the Goblin keep it can be used to upgrade the Dwarven Keep in many ways depending on the party's chose.

But the party has discover a new way to deal with problems a side effect of the Dark Earth party members can swap out nearly as needed. Will this power continue to work once they leave the strange Klicks base or even Dark Earth. They party has started to notice as they remain there they are feeling strange side effects. Not sure if it is from the strange realm they are in and what it will do to them!!!

One thing to note is the party's magic starting to fail or is these new one's forming.



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